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TEXT ART: Text-based art means art whose central communicative idea is viable via the use of text as the primary component of the art. Chance words, letters, faux-language that cannot be understood, language in support of a dominant visual image and language meant to sell something, NONE of that in my eyes is text-based art. It’s decoration, kitsch, component, advertisement or product.


I’m a text-based artist out of New York City. One day I got interested in the history of my medium and began to read most everything I could find.

This blog is a kind of personal distillation of text art, the parts that stand out to my way of thinking, and digressions that naturally arise while considering the work.

I will keep it as historically accurate as possible, but then I might miss an artist or two. As for that, 1. Who cares? 2. If you do then by all means drop me a line and I’ll check em’ out.



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